What is the purpose of this website?

What is the purpose of this website?

Since Bill 56 (An Act to prevent and stop bullying and violence in schools) was adopted, all schools are required to adopt and implement an anti-violence and anti-bullying plan. 

A support tool to develop and implement such plans has been created in order to meet the requirements and vulnerabilities of young people with special needs. 

This tool highlights some points of analysis, particularly in terms of prevention measures and actions to respond appropriately to situations involving HSMLD students who are victims, witnesses or responsible for acts of violence or bullying.

This website is designed for:

  • School boards
  • School administrations
  • School personnel
  • Stakeholders in the education sector

Objectives of this site:

  • To be a reference source
  • To be a support for schools and school boards
  • To include the HSMLD students in the anti-bullying/violence plans

The content has been developed according to the nine elements for a school anti-bullying and anti-violence plan:

  1. Situation analysis
  2. Prevention measures
  3. Collaborating with parents
  4. Procedures for filing a report
  5. What to do (actions) when an act of violence or bullying is observed
  6. Confidentiality
  7. Supervisory or support measures
  8. Disciplinary sanctions
  9. Follow-up to the event

A section entitled, General Information, which should be part of the plan, is also available.